Our Cuddly Cottage Partners

As a small business, we understand the importance of supporting other local businesses. We encourage our clients to support other small businesses that support us, so we’ve set up partnerships with local vendors we love! 

Our Partners provide Cuddly Cottage members special discounts, so be sure to join our FB community to have direct access to them.

To learn more about the deals you can get while being a Cuddly Cottage member, click here!

Are you a business owner? Are you interested in partnering? Send us an email at thecuddlycottage@gmail.com!


Erica Li Grooming - https://www.hobokengirl.com/erica-li-grooming-by-erica-hoboken-girl-week/


Alessandra Sawick - www.alessandrasawick.com
Marie Papp - www.mariepapp.com
Rachel Watkinson - https://www.rachelwatkinson.com/

Pet Wellness

Pet Massages by Dusty Weideman - https://massagebydusty.amtamembers.com/about-me
Animal Reiki by Alessandra Sawick - https://alessandrasawick.com/animal-reiki/

Personal Wellness

Transformation Coach - https://www.facebook.com/vtregenza
Personal Massages by Dusty Weideman - https://massagebydusty.amtamembers.com/about-me


Handmade soaps by Chisa Liu - https://www.seazensoap.com/
One Sol by Marisol Page - https://www.beonesol.com/-