Mission statement: We are focused on curating the best care for your pet because know that each pet is unique. We want you to feel comfortable and stress-free, while you are away. We will take care of your pets like our own and provide you with constant updates on your pup! 

We are passionate about all animals and truly want to spend time with yours. We work diligently to ensure that your pet is in a safe and secured space, so that your pet has a great experience. It can often be a bit scary for your furry family member to move into an unknown space or meet an unfamiliar person, but we are patient and willing to work with your pet so that they feel more comfortable. We know that each pet is different, so we are happy to be flexible with your pet and curate the best pet care for your dog/cat/small furry family member.

General Dog Care Overview:
We live near many dog parks and are happy to utilize that resource to ensure that your dog gets tired out! We want to do a thorough job of taking care of your pup. We don’t think your dog just needs a walk, we think your dog needs a positive experience! We think it’s important for our dogs, so why be different with yours? We want to take care of your dog as if he or she is one of our own.

General Cat Care Overview:
We have dedicated one our rooms to be a safe haven for your cat. Since we do have dogs, we understand the level of stress your cat may have when temporarily staying in our home, so we have dedicated parts of our apartment where we restrict access to our dogs. As part of the service we provide, we will provide cat toys and a bed, but we do ask you to also bring your own supplies (e.g. bed, toys, etc) in order for your cat to feel more comfortable in our home. Having theirs and your scent around them will help them with their stay. We are always happy to work with your pet to ensure a positive experience!


General small animal care overview:
We have experience taking care of other small animals, such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and others! Please provide us with your specific care instructions so that we may be able to provide your pet with the best possible care.

We love all pets and are happy to provide you with daily pictures so you know your pet is in good hands and is happy!

To see pictures of dogs that have been under our care, feel free to visit our Instagram or Facebook page @TheCuddlyCottage! Also check out our House of Hounds page to see our gallery of dogs that have been under The Cuddly Cottage care!

Please message us today, so your pet care is in good hands!

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